How It Works?

  • 1

    Search for Local Job Requests

    Define your service area and use the Map View to see the local job requests.

  • 2

    Interact with User

    Exchange messages, view pictures and get additional details for providing accurate quotes.

  • 3

    Give an Estimate

    Set your price and notify the user. Include details to differentiate your service.

  • 4

    Get Paid Instantly

    Do what you do best, mark the job complete and let users pay you on the spot.

Benefits of using HashMove


Ease of Communication
Interact with users, view pictures, schedule jobs and update arrival times


Optimized Job Search
Ability to search for local jobs in your service area, across specific job categories and selected dates.


Instant Pickups for Small Moves
Prioritize and schedule small moves that users have marked ready for pickup


Manage Your Profile
Create and manage your own personalized profile to differentiate yourself


Hassle Free Estimate
Get details through the app and set your price, avoiding a visit to the site


ETA Notifications
Provide real-time updates to users on your expected arrival time

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