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    EMKAYLINE signs with HashMove® to become a fully digital NVOCC

    • By Marketing Team
    • April 4, 2019

    EMKAYLINE a regional leader in logistics services infrastructure has recently signed with HashMove®to become a fully digital NVOCC for its operations in the GCC, South Asia & Africa. Offering services at 132 ports in various countries, the collaboration enables EMKAYLINE to expand and develop its offerings in many more regions through a smart centralized portal facilitated by the HashMove® innovative and robust multimodal logistics platform.

    EMKAYLINE now intends to offer online pricing, scheduling and booking to its partners and end-customers, achieving the highest level of service availability, 24×7 throughout the year. Once fully digitalized, EMKAYLINE’s consumer experience will be enhanced multi-fold through a whole new level of efficiency and seamless services.

    Speaking at the occasion, Taha Paracha, Managing Director EMKAYLINE stated; “This is no doubt a “game changer” for our business. As a company, we always aim to provide swift and prompt services to our partners and end-customers. The decision to adopt HashMove® ’s smart multimodal logistics platform aligns with our vision to be able to deliver exceptional services to our consumers on a 24x7x365 days basis. The platform provides us with the ability to meet our customer’s needs wherever they are in the world at any time. We can achieve scalability easily enabling us to serve many more ports and countries than currently with the same level of service excellence.”

    “We are thrilled and excited that EMKAYLINE, a proven forerunner in the NVOCC space, acknowledges and recognizes the value that digitalization brings to their operations and how it translates to a better customer experience and potential to reach more customers. In an expanding environment of technological innovation, traditional logistics companies are recognizing the opportunities available through new digital business models. EMKAYLINE’s decision to adopt our platform is a testament to their vision and a great endorsement of the value HashMove®’ .capabilities can deliver. Through this strategic collaboration we are looking forward to making EMKAYLINE, the leading fully digital NVOCC company in the GCC, Asia, and African countries,” Sarfaraz Alam, CEO & Co-Founder of HashMove®, affirmed.

    Brief about EMKAYLINE:

    Over the past three decades, Emkay has created a specific niche for themselves in the shipping industry by committing towards customer quality standard and by exhibiting adamant efficiency in all facets of its service operations across Indian Sub-continent, Gulf, Far East, China, Africa, and Europe. Having a vast shipping experience and being the representative of Liner Agencies, Emkay deals with LCL Consolidation, Air Cargo, Afghan Cargo, Supply Chain, Warehousing and Logistics. EMKAY LINES has expanded its services in around 132 ports of the world within a quick span on time. It currently contains an adequate fleet to cater to the requirements of different ports. The highly experienced and dedicated workforce has enabled Emkay to achieve a landmark in providing best services.

    Brief about HashMove®:

    HashMove® is a Dubai-based technology company, introducing a smart logistics marketplace connecting shippers and logistics providers to seamlessly engage in conducting global, multi-modal, end-to-end logistics transactions and simplify the experience of shipping goods. The HashMove® marketplace for logistics gives users the ability to Search & Book shipments, view Pricing & Deals, Monitor & Track goods in real-time, across multiple logistics providers. Industry expertise coupled with the adoption of the latest technologies in IoT Tracking, Quality monitoring and Securing Shipments makes the HashMove® platform a leader in providing innovative digital logistics solutions. Strong regional ties and endorsements from government entities and industry experts is a testament to our credibility and capability.