نحن مشغولون بربط عالم الخدمات اللوجستية مع بعضه البعض

وإننا نرحب بك دائما لمشاركة أفكارك الإبداعية لإضافة القيمة إلى جهودنا أوان نقوم نحن بإضافة القيمة إلى جهودك بأفكارنا.

    HashMove is in the news

    • By Marketing Team
    • October 5, 2018

    Logistics lies on the threshold between order and utter chaos, and only businesses who acknowledge and brace themselves for the transcending possibilities of a self-orchestrated digitalized supply chain will persevere. With technology experts from the Silicon Valley, California and Dubai weaved together, HashMove is committed to redefining the very fabric of industry, through its uniquely smart marketplace for logistics.

    Recently featured in an intriguing article published on Logisticsgulf.com, the co-founder and CEO of HashMove, Sarfaraz Alam articulated on the HashMove platform’s significantly distinct solutions,

    “It is a single end-to-end logistics platform which will provide users the ability to search, view pricing, and book shipments across multiple logistics providers. The user can compare and choose in just a few minutes, the best possible deal.”

    Scheduled to launch operations by January 2019, HashMove’s website will be available in multiple languages providing 24×7 customer support, catering to shippers and providers across the globe.

    To read more about the launch of HashMove’s global smart logistics solution click; http://logisticsgulf.com/2018/10/dubai-tech-firm-launches-global-smart-logistics-solutions/