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    HashMove’s first Enterprise ‘Closed Loop Logistics Solutions for Pharmaceuticals’ goes live

    • By Marketing Team
    • May 17, 2019

    In an era where consumer demands are increasing for the expeditious presence of commodities, pharmaceuticals manufacturers are no different. The requirements of administering finished pharmaceutical goods from the factory to the end user discourse with complete protection during the transit are creating a tremendous challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    Due to HashMove’s Enterprise Closed Loop Logistics platform for pharmaceuticals, ATCO Laboratories has become the first pharmaceutical manufacturer in South Asia to have adopted the highly innovative and agile HashMove platform to control their entire logistics digitally around the globe.

    This contemporary adoption has provided a fully functional logistics system to ATCO, and this will help them ship their pharmaceutical products seamlessly, with end-to-end visibility through Ocean, Air, or Land Delivery. Through the same system, ATCO will now manage their list of freight forwarders and transact with them digitally from start to finish.

    Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Noman Mohammad, CTO & Co-founder of HashMove said;

    “Providing the industry with a fully functional closed loop logistics solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry is undoubtedly one of the most significant milestones which HashMove has achieved. At present where logistics businesses are still running on silos or are just partially digitalized, HashMove’s closed loop solutions not only facilitate those freight forwarders in becoming instant & digital freight companies but also links them up with industry so they can start transacting with the manufacturer through the same system for all their logistics needs. Congratulations to ATCO Laboratories on becoming the pioneer in adopting such technology and providing their consumers’ complete peace of mind through the help of end-to-end visibility during the transit of pharmaceuticals.”