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    Shan Foods onboards HashMove for Digitized Supply Chain Solutions

    • By Marketing Team
    • May 23, 2022

    Shan Foods Limited, a global producer of packaged spice mixes and HashMove, a first of its kind digital logistics marketplace, join hands with HashMove to digitize the supply chain of Shan Foods.

    Under this arrangement, Shan Foods will use Enterprise Logistics Platform provided by HashMove which would enable them to create a closed-loop network. ELP is an enterprise-grade, smart logistics platform and will provide an instant ability to Shan Foods to manage their International Logistics and relationships with Freight Forwarders & Custom Agent, under a one-stop integrated solution. Furthermore, the platform will empower Shan Foods to negotiate rates with the suppliers on real-time to explore possibilities of reducing their overall spendings.

    The agreement was signed by Sarfaraz Alam – CEO & Cofounder of HashMove and Mr. Sikandar Nawaz Tiwana – CEO of Shan Foods. Also present were Mr. Noman Mohammad – CTO & Cofounder of Hashmove, Mr. Saadi Masood – GM Supply Chain of Shan Foods, Mr. Jahanzaib Lilla – CFO of Shan Foods and respective teams of HashMove and Shan Foods.

    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Alam, the CEO of HashMove said, “No doubt it’s a right step towards bringing the ultimate benefits by using digitalization in logistics by a top class enterprise like Shan Foods. They are always the forerunners in adopting new trends and technologies and this move will enable their sales to grow many folds, purely by being up to-date on information about their entire logistics supply chain, worldwide. We are glad that Shan Foods have chosen HashMove for the digitalization of their supply chain and we deploy maximum efforts for maximizing their sales growth by providing robust logistics features all the time.

    Mr. Tiwana, CEO of Shan Foods, also commended HashMove for their efforts and hopes to see HashMove & Shan Foods to continue working together to bring forth value addition for a long time.

    About Shan Foods:

    Shan Foods (Pvt) Limited is a global producer of packaged spice mixes, primarily used in South Asian dishes. The company was established in 1981 as a single-room operation by its founder, Sikander Sultan, in Pakistan and quickly grew from there to becoming a major player in the packaged spice mixes industry.

    Currently, the company portfolio of products is available in over 75 countries, across 5 continents, and consists of recipe mixes, plain spices, ready-to-cook sauces, cooking pastes, dessert mixes, cooking condiments, and accompaniments as well as instant noodles.

    About HashMove:

    HashMove® is a Dubai-based technology company introducing a smart logistics marketplace connecting shippers and logistics providers to seamlessly engage in conducting global, multi-modal, end-to-end logistics transactions and simplify the experience of shipping goods. The HashMove logistics market allows users to search and book shipments, see prices and offers, monitor and track goods in real-time across multiple logistics providers. Industry expertise and adoption of the latest technologies in IoT tracking, quality monitoring and shipment security make HashMove a leader in providing innovative digital logistics solutions. Strong regional relations and support from government entities and industry experts are a testament to our credibility and ability.

    Please read more about HashMove at www.hashmove.com or write us at [email protected]