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    Al-Moiz Industries with its various entities initiates Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Logistics with HashMove ELP

    • By Marketing Team
    • December 6, 2023

    We are excited to share the successful outcome of a collaborative effort between Excellence Delivered (ExD) and HashMove. This alliance warmly welcomes distinguished organizations such as Thal Industries Limited (Layyah Sugar Mills, Safina Sugar Mills), AlMoiz Industries Limited (Almoiz Sugar Mills, Almoiz Steel, Almoiz Foods), Baba Farid Sugar Mills Limited, and Wiztec Food Solutions to the HashMove Enterprise Logistics Platform (ELP).

    The primary aim of this partnership is to digitalize supply chain logistics, with a view to achieving operational excellence through this innovative technology solution. HashMove, leveraging its cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, will optimize supply chain logistics processes. Concurrently, Excellence Delivered will utilize its expertise in delivering customized IT solutions.

    This strategic collaboration not only emphasizes AlMoiz Industries’ commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, but also underscores the significant advantages this partnership brings. The integration of digital logistics solutions aligns flawlessly with AlMoiz’s dedication to reducing environmental impact. Both Excellence Delivered and HashMove will play crucial roles in achieving this objective, providing essential support throughout the process.

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