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    Arab-British Chamber of Commerce & HashMove Forged a Revolutionary Partnership, Transforming UK-Arab Trade Dynamics

    • By Marketing Team
    • November 27, 2023

    London, November 27, 2023 — In a historic move that redefined the landscape of international trade and logistics, the Arab British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) and HashMove, the global B2B Logistics Platform, announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at propelling UK-Arab trade relations into the digital age. The agreement was signed on November 20th, 2023, at the 3rd Arab British Economic Summit 2023, themed ‘Sustaining an Emerging Vision,’ held in Hilton London Metropole. 

    Agreement Signing by Mr Sarfaraz Alam & Mr Bander Reda

    Established in 1975, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce had long been a cornerstone in promoting bilateral trade and investment between Britain and Arab countries. In a move that solidified their commitment to fostering collaboration, the ABCC launched its flagship event of the year: the 3rd Arab British Economic Summit 2023, themed ‘Sustaining an Emerging Vision.’ The event, held on November 20th in London, spotlighted the strategic UK-Arab partnership, emphasizing the broadening scope of cooperation across sectors and industries, especially in the realms of sustainable tourism, e-commerce, franchising, and banking and finance. 

    One of the highlight of the summit was the agreement between the ABCC and HashMove, a global force in transforming the logistics industry through its innovative platform. Under this visionary pact, HashMove will provide a secure, closed-loop digital B2B marketplace, offering ABCC members and customers an unparalleled access to a myriad of services related to imports and exports, digital documentations, and custom clearance, all under one digital roof. The platform will act as a one-stop solution, enabling ABCC members and customers to seamlessly search and book their cargos through approved and registered service providers, including Freight Forwarders, Custom Agents, Ground Transportation/Trucking companies, Insurance and Quality Inspection Companies within the UK and in Gulf Council Countries. Moreover, this digital ecosystem will simplify the complexity of international trade by digitizing all import and export-related documentation, reducing administrative costs significantly and cutting shipment and freight expenditure massively on an annual basis for the members and customers. 

    Noman Mohammad, Basim Saeed, Sarfaraz Alam, Lord Dominic Johnson, Usman Baig

    The platform’s innovative features included real-time rate negotiation with global logistics service providers, granting ABCC members access to spot/contractual rates, discount and promotion rates, and special rates for exclusive consignments. Notably, the platform facilitate instantaneous payment processing, revolutionizing the settlement of logistics transactions in a real-time manner. The platform is fully compliant according to the GDPR principles and guidelines. 

    Talking at the occasion, Mr Abdeslam El-Idrissi, Deputy CEO and Secretary General said: “This partnership marked a significant milestone as the first-of-its-kind platform in the UK, offering ABCC members an unprecedented opportunity to enhance their operational efficiency and reduce costs while navigating the complexities of international trade. With this digital initiative, the ABCC and HashMove are not merely facilitating transactions; they are architecting the future of trade relations between the UK and the Arab world, setting a powerful precedent for the global business community”. 

    “We believe in the power of technology to revolutionize logistics, and through this partnership, we are not only facilitating transactions but also shaping the future of trade relations. Our commitment to driving operational efficiency and cost reduction for ABCC members reflects our vision for a seamless, digital future in international trade. Together with ABCC, we are proud to set a powerful precedent for the global business community and usher in a new era of collaboration and innovation in the UK-Arab trade relationship.” – said by Mr. Sarfaraz Alam, Group CEO and Co-Founder, HashMove 

    About ABCC: 
    Established in 1975, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce had long been a cornerstone in promoting bilateral trade and investment between Britain and Arab countries. The Chamber had a unique function in the promotion of bilateral trade and investment between Britain and the Arab countries. To achieve this, they worked in close cooperation with government ministries, official trade and investment bodies, Arab diplomatic missions in London, the British Chambers of Commerce, the League of Arab States, leading Arab businesses, and Chambers of Commerce in the Arab world. 

    About HashMove:  
    HashMove is a leading B2B digital logistics platform that revolutionizes the way businesses manage their international & local trade and its logistics operations. By offering an integrated Multi Modal and user-friendly solution, HashMove simplifies logistics complexities, enabling seamless cross-border transactions and fostering collaboration across the supply chain. 

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