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    HashMove Hosts Successful 2023 Annual Partner & Customer Conference

    • By Marketing Team
    • May 19, 2023

    HashMove, a leading B2B digital logistics platform, recently concluded its highly anticipated Annual Partner & Customer Conference (APCC) with resounding success. The event, held in Karachi, brought together industry leaders, partners, and customers for an immersive experience filled with insightful discussions, collaborative sessions, and networking opportunities.

    The APCC, which took place on May 18, 2023, showcased HashMove’s commitment to revolutionizing the logistics industry by leveraging innovative technology solutions. The event was held at a luxurious venue, providing an ideal setting for participants to engage in meaningful conversations and gain valuable insights into the future of the Connected Logistics, Trade & Government

    With over 400 attendees, including distinguished speakers and Panelists, Mr Aftab Haider (CEO, PSW), Mr Fathi Abdullah Baisa (MD, UWC), Mr Saadi Masood (GM/Director Shan Foods), Mr Shahid Osmani (CEO, Timestream), Mr Kashif Sarwar (Group Head Supply Chain, Jaffer Group of Industries) industry experts, and key stakeholders, the APCC highlighted the transformative power of digital logistics and showcased HashMove’s cutting-edge platform. The event acted as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering meaningful connections between logistics providers, shippers, and technology partners.

    Keynote presentations by Sarfaraz Alam (Group CEO & Co Founder) & Rayan Al Bakri (CEO & Co Founder -KSA) as thought leaders offered a glimpse into the future of logistics, highlighting emerging trends and challenges facing the industry. Attendees gained valuable insights into how HashMove’s digital platform is driving efficiency, visibility, and sustainability across the global supply chain.

    We are thrilled with the overwhelming success of our Annual Partner & Customer Conference,” said HashMove’s Group CEO, Mr. Sarfaraz Alam. “The event provided a unique platform for our partners and customers to connect, exchange ideas, and explore new opportunities for growth and innovation. We are confident that the discussions and collaborations initiated during the conference will shape the future of the logistics industry.

    Throughout the conference, participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, panel discussions, and workshops. These sessions facilitated in-depth conversations on topics such as digital logistics, digital trade, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cold chain logistics, and data analytics, underscoring HashMove’s commitment to driving digital transformation across the logistics ecosystem.

    The APCC attendees witnessed firsthand the powerful capabilities of the HashMove platform, which integrates various stakeholders within the logistics value chain, providing end-to-end visibility, transparency, and control.

    To further enhance networking opportunities, the conference included social events, evening receptions, and informal gatherings. These occasions allowed participants to foster new connections, strengthen existing relationships, and forge strategic partnerships that will accelerate the digitalization of the logistics industry.

    As the 2023 Annual Partner & Customer Conference came to a close, participants left with a renewed sense of optimism and a shared vision for the future of logistics. HashMove’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity was evident throughout the event, reinforcing its position as a leading force in the digital logistics landscape.

    For more information about HashMove and its digital logistics platform, please visit https://www.hashmove.com/apcc.

    About HashMove:
    HashMove is a global B2B digital logistics platform that connects shippers, logistics providers, and technology partners to drive efficiency, visibility, and collaboration across the supply chain. With its innovative solutions, HashMove is transforming the logistics industry by enabling end-to-end digitization, automation, and optimization of global trade operations.