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    HashMove – The Fastest Growing B2B Logistics Platform in GCC & South Asia

    • By Marketing Team
    • August 21, 2021

    HashMove is delighted to announce the continuous growth of its platform in GCC & South Asia. HashMove has onboarded 150+ Logistics Companies across 27 countries providing services across Sea Freight, Air Freight, Ground Transport and Warehousing. Given the current situation and chaos in the global shipping industry, there has been a huge shift with the market working primarily on spot rates. This has led to a huge demand for HashMove’s digital logistics platform where freight forwarders can provide instant quotes, share vessel schedules and confirm availability to enterprise customers and secure bookings. HashMove facilities logistics companies with an immediate digital presence and capability including online collaboration and messaging that translates to operational efficiencies, elevated revenue and cost savings. Our global logistics partners also benefit from an increased business exposure by providing services and quotes to HashMove enterprise customers in GCC.

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