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    HashMove to introduce cloud-based intermodal logistics collaborations platform soon

    • By Marketing Team
    • October 15, 2018

    Socioeconomic fluctuation, varying demographics, high consumer specialization and demand for customization are impacting the production and flow of goods globally. Aside from the need to merge industry with smart technology, the convergence of disintegrated fragments of logistics services and solutions is imperative.

    Employing a cloud-based platform makes data-sharing comprehensive, accessible and secure with improved visibility through a seamless and digitalized supply chain. Track and trace technology, IoTs, AI and autonomous self-orchestrated solutions are leading logistics into a future where nothing seems impossible.

    Sarfaraz Alam in a recent interview with Gulf Business, titled “Five minutes with Sarfaraz Alam, co-founder, and CEO of HashMove,” explained the unique features of HashMove’s Marketplace for logistics.

    “A smart platform where users can search, compare and book a multimodal shipment end-to-end with multiple service providers all through a single booking. However, the platform is conceived and designed to support much more than a marketplace. It will operate primarily as a cloud-based collaboration tool for all and any logistic service provider.”

    He also shared his thoughts on the impact of automation on the regional logistics industry and how the market can overcome challenges through the adoption of a single digitalized information hub.

    To read more about his insights on the state of logistics in the GCC click: http://gulfbusiness.com/five-minutes-sarfaraz-alam-co-founder-ceo-hashmove/