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    HashMove will lead to the Uberization of Logistics

    • By Marketing Team
    • October 18, 2018

    Logistics businesses are continually striving to embrace the perennial developments in technology. When it comes to meeting varying demands and challenges, technology emanates as the core differentiator. The emerging “Uberization” of logistics is inevitable, and logistics operators who don’t adopt and adapt will become redundant. On-demand logistics, market transparency, competitive real-time pricing, and conducive collaborations are defining the very framework of the supply chain.

    Speaking with Al Arabiya in an interview, Sarfaraz Alam, CEO, and co-founder of HashMove discussed how disruption in logistics and digital transformation have completely changed the dynamics of business. He accentuated the significance of a logistics infrastructure for a company’s productivity and how HashMove’s Marketplace will usher in a one-stop-shop for logistics providers and consumers, leading to the uberization of logistics in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

    “I totally believe Saudi Arabia will be the next powerhouse, along with the UAE in terms of technological advancement. Whatever this region has achieved and how dynamic it appears to the rest of the world is because of the leadership and vision here.”

    You can read more about Sarfaraz’s digital journey all the way to the actualization of HashMove, at: https://english.alarabiya.net/en/business/lunch-with-leader/2018/10/17/HashMove-CEO-Saudi-UAE-have-potential-to-become-Silicon-Valleys-of-the-world.html