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    Human connection in a Technological era

    • By Marketing Team
    • December 7, 2018

    Soft skills and technology need to work conjointly to create a progressive future. The fifth Knowledge Summit bearing the theme “Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy” had a successful first day on Dec 5, 2018. CEO HashMove, Sarfaraz Alam was among the expert panelist speaking at one of the highly anticipated sessions titled “Digital Economy and Knowledge Economy: Rivalry or Alliance?”

    Alam discussed how digital and knowledge economies are converging to create a smart educational environment where augmented reality is emerging as a significant tool for learning.

    Read more at https://knowledgesummit.org/en/news/alaktsad-alrkmy-oalaktsad-almaarfy-ma-byn-altnafs-oaltkaml-dmn-nkashat-km-almaarf-2018