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    Portlink & HashMove Signs Agreement to Digitalise Rail Freight

    • By Marketing Team
    • May 20, 2022

    HashMove is proud to announce the launch of the Digital Rail Freight Platform for its partners and Enterprise Customers in the GCC and Pakistan in with collaboration of our fulfilment partner Portlink International Services Pvt. Ltd. (a Marine Group of Company) – The key to a future-oriented transport business.

    Below are some of the salient features of this collaboration:

    • Digital Platform for instant Rail Freight & Bookings
    • Digital Platform for Dry Dock Booking & Services
    • Digital Rates for Freight Forwarders in Pakistan
    • 60 Hrs of Transit Time
    • At launch, 4 Cargo Trains per week between Khi to Lhr
    • Fully insured cargo movement & quality monitoring services
    • Saving between 9% – 21% using Rail Freight vs. Traditional Trucking
    • End to End Pickup and Delivery services

    This platform will allow customers to have instant access of rail freight, make bookings online and track their cargo in real time. Customers will enjoy at least a 22% cheaper rate than the conventional trucking for Pan Pakistan cargo movement.

    At launch, the platform provides rates for movement from anywhere in Karachi to anywhere in Lahore, including handling of the cargo and insurance.

    In the later stages, customers will be able to book rail cargo pan Pakistan and for across borders from China to Turkey via Pakistan and Saudi/UAE to China/CIS via Pakistan.

    This is indeed a stepping stone to redefine the logistics industry.

    The future of train traffic is digital! We would like to commend the Portlink International Services Pvt. Ltd./Marine Group management and their team to foresee the future demand and embark on this digital journey with HashMove. Special thanks to Mr, Aasim Siddiqui (Group MD – PortLink), Captain Rashed Zaheer (CEO – PortLink), Syed Nasir Pasha (COO – PortLink).

    About PortLink:

    Port Link International Services (Pvt.) Ltd, a Marine Group Company was established in 1997 with a vision to become a leading logistic service provider, over the last two decades, Port Link has stretched out significantly and successfully developed its divisions of NVOCC, Logistics and Supply Chain. Being a global 3PL service provider, Port Link enjoys an unparalleled position in Pakistan’s Freight and Logistics industry.

    About HashMove:

    HashMove® is a Dubai-based technology company introducing a smart logistics marketplace connecting shippers and logistics providers to seamlessly engage in conducting global, multi-modal, end-to-end logistics transactions and simplify the experience of shipping goods. The HashMove logistics market allows users to search and book shipments, see prices and offers, monitor and track goods in real-time across multiple logistics providers. Industry expertise and adoption of the latest technologies in IoT tracking, quality monitoring and shipment security make HashMove a leader in providing innovative digital logistics solutions. Strong regional relations and support from government entities and industry experts are a testament to our credibility and ability.

    Please read more about HashMove at www.hashmove.com or write us at [email protected]