GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Our Commitment to GDPR

In 2018, the EU implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect user privacy. HashMove, as a data controller, is committed to upholding these regulations and safeguarding your data. This necessitates compliance with various obligations related to the protection of sensitive data of partners, customers and other “data subjects”. One crucial responsibility is to ensure that any data processors employed, such as CRM systems, offer sufficient assurances in implementing suitable technical and organizational measures.

The GDPR outlines shared responsibility involving three primary categories of participants:

  • Data Subject: Individuals whose personal data is collected, processed, or stored.
  • Data Controller: Entities that determine the purposes and means of processing personal data.
  • Data Processor: Organizations that process personal data on behalf of data controllers.
Understanding GDPR Applicability
  • The GDPR applies to organizations, regardless of their location, that process personal data of individuals within the European Union (EU).
  • It encompasses businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and any other entity handling personal data as part of their activities.
  • Both data controllers and data processors are subject to the GDPR's regulations and obligations.

Future-Ready Compliance

HashMove proactively embraces a forward-thinking approach to compliance, placing a strong emphasis on staying informed of evolving legal frameworks and industry standards. While we bring extensive experience in ensuring logistics systems operate in full compliance with these laws, our commitment goes beyond relying on past experiences. We actively engage with security and data privacy professionals to ensure that HashMove remains current and compliant with the latest data privacy laws and regulations in the EU.

Our Policies

Our terms of use adhere to the requirements outlined in the EU GDPR. For detailed information, please refer to our terms of use page.

Software and Storage

Our cloud-based logistics platform, HashMove, is equipped with all the necessary functionalities to ensure compliance with the EU GDPR. This commitment extends to the careful handling of sensitive data deletion in accordance with prescribed guidelines. HashMove customers can confidently delete relevant data at any point during their agreement term. Additionally, we have integrated data export features into our services, allowing customers to promptly respond to information requests.

For any requests to access, delete, modify, or restrict the processing of your personal data under GDPR, contact

Highlighting our unwavering commitment to data security, HashMove is securely hosted on Microsoft Azure, with all EU "subjects" data exclusively stored within the EU. This approach aligns with the rigorous standards set by the EU GDPR. For more detailed insights into our privacy policy, visit our Privacy Policy page. 

Data Processing

As a data processor, HashMove recognizes the imperative to fulfill our obligations under the GDPR. This includes meticulous data processing in strict accordance with our customers' instructions, precisely as delineated in our comprehensive data processing agreements. In the unlikely event of data breaches, we commit to swift and transparent breach reporting, underscoring our commitment to responsible data management.

Being a conscientious logistics platform provider with a robust company culture centered around data security, HashMove is committed to extending compliance with GDPR requirements concerning the engagement of sub-processors. This comprehensive approach ensures that HashMove operates with the highest standards of data protection and security, providing our clients with confidence and peace of mind.

Employee Confidentiality

All employees at HashMove are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and undergo mandatory training on confidentiality, privacy, and data security. Our code of conduct explicitly defines the expected behavior concerning the safeguarding of information, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and data security across our operations.

For more information on your privacy, you can view our privacy policy and terms of use page. 

Any queries or requests related to privacy can be directed to