Transforming logistics
from being a pain point to a strategic advantage

HashMove is a revolutionary logistics platform that empowers enterprises to seamlessly manage their entire logistics operations. Our digital platform facilitates end-to-end supply chain visibility, and collaboration helping you streamline your operations and reduce cost.

We are on mission to connect every facets of logistics, whether its Freight Forwarding, Shipping Lines, Ports and Regulators, Ground Transportation, Warehousing, Marine Insurance or Custom Agents through single platform empowers enterprises or consumers to take full control of their logistics services in a true multi-modal environment.

We’re on premise to work smarter than harder

Scale faster and improve customer loyalty. No more back & forth.


Providers from over 180 countries worldwide


Providers from over 180 countries worldwide


Providers from over 180 countries worldwide


Providers from over 180 countries worldwide

Our Story

In the bustling cities of San Francisco, Riyadh, and Dubai, HashMove's founders, with extensive experience working with Fortune 100 companies, a logistics dream that transcended the ordinary. Their ambition wasn't just to conquer the last mile; they aspired to connect the world’s logistics by seamlessly integrating every facet of the industry internationally.

This visionary dream birthed HashMove, transforming it from a simple house moving app into a pioneer of innovation. Fueled by an unwavering commitment, our founders and engineers embedded technology at the core of their operations. Within HashMove's innovation lab, diverse minds came together, crafting groundbreaking solutions that orchestrated the next level of logistics. It wasn't just about moving goods; it was about weaving a tapestry of interconnected solutions, ready for the needs of tomorrow.


Through collaboration, we navigate challenges, celebrate victories, and leverage our diverse strengths to  forge a path to shared success


We foster accountability through initiative and pride in contributions, allowing you to partner with dedicated professionals who own your success.


We believe in open communication builds trust, and we value feedback to constantly improve. Our commitment to openness keeps you confident in our work


For us, growth is a constant pursuit: yours, ours, and the industry's. We adapt to stay ahead and help you thrive.

The beautiful brains behind our innovation

Zeyad Al Saif

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Adnan AlTurkistani

Chief Business Officer

Sarfaraz Alam

Co-Founder & Group CEO

Noman Mohammad

Co-Founder & CTO

Khurram Shahid

Executive Vice President  
Partnership & Alliances

Saadi Masood

Vice President
Commercial & Digital Transformation
Saudi Arabia

Shafiq Malik

Vice President
Commercial & Digital Transformation

Saad Zulfiqar

Digital Logistics Services

Syed Touseef Ali

Innovation & Product

Shamsa Al Balooshi

Advisory Board Member
Director of Partnership at Muhammad Bin Rashid Foundation

Christos Spyrou

Advisory Board Member
CEO & Founder of Neutral Air Partner

Matt Johnson

Advisory Board Member
Silicon Valley Startup Advisor

Mary Long

Advisory Board Member
Managing Director-Global Supply Chain Forum

Kamran Iqbal

Advisory Board Member
Founder, Global Shapers Community

Saima Khan

Advisory Board Member
Former Chief Advisor
Dubai RTA

Som Mukherjee

Advisory Board Member
Industry 4.0 Leader at EY London

We are making logistics simple

Our Vision

Emerging as the world's leading logistics tech platform by seamlessly integrating every facet of the industry through innovative and futuristic solutions, fostering the growth of enterprises.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide enterprises globally with heightened visibility and address gaps in their fragmented supply chain and logistics services, empowering them to make well-informed decisions with precision.


Innovation is the heartbeat of everything we do. Our team is dedicated to fostering creativity, pushing boundaries, and exploring new frontiers.


Our success is built on unwavering commitment. We go above and beyond to exceed client expectations, delivering on promises with pride.

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What Makes Our Platform Unique?

Unified Platform

Our one-window solution provides a streamlined and comprehensive platform, consolidating various supply chain silos into a single platform

Real-Time Visibility & Dashboards

From booking request initiation to delivery fulfilment and invoicing, we provide a transparent and traceable view of your entire logistics process with enterprise-grade dashboards

Global Logistics

Build your Global Logistics Ecosystem with our extensive network of 900+ Global Partners routes and services at the best rates from trusted partners

Purpose Built Logistics Platform

HashMove excels as a B2B logistics platform that was built from the ground up to address pain points unique to enterprises.

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