Logistics Service Platforms: Ensuring Your Revenue

Ready to Transform Your Freight Forwarding Experience? Embrace the future of logistics management with HashMove. Join our platform and revolutionize the way you operate, connect, and grow. Experience the power of an end-to-end connected logistics solutions designed for Freight Forwarders like you.  

Revolutionize your logistics operations with HashMove's cutting-edge Digital Logistics Service Provider(DLSP) solution. Empower your business with a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates into your website, offering a white-label experience tailored to your brand

White Labelled Digital Platforms for
Your Freight & Logistics Businesses

Digitize, Display, Deliver: Instant Rates, 24/7 Service

No more delayed responses – provide customers with accurate rates upon receiving their requests, ensuring 24/7 service and facilitating quick, hassle-free bookings. Experience the future of logistics with HashMove – where efficiency meets innovation, and your customers' needs are met with unparalleled speed and precision.

Transform Your Offerings: Collaborative Logistics

Unlock new revenue streams and expand your service offerings by leveraging our extensive network of 900+ partners. Expand by selling your customers new services like warehousing, insurance and more by tapping into our diverse network. With HashMove, you don’t just connect – you collaborate to provide a full spectrum of logistics services to your customers.

White Label Platform

Your Brand. Your Platform

Our White Label Platform puts your brand at the forefront of digital excellence, serving as an online storefront where you can serve your customers instantly, 24/7. Empower customers with a transparent booking process over our powerful, highly customizable booking portal.

Key Features

Manage Spot & Contractual Rates

Send spot rates or set cards by route and customer for instant rate delivery, 24/7

Analytics & Reporting Dashboards

Gain real time visibility and make informed decisions with Performance, Administration and Financial Dashboards

Document Management System

Upload, receive and audit all booking and invoicing documents over our centralized documentation center

Real Time Chat & Messaging 

Discuss customer requirements directly over our platform over our in-built communication center

Global Partner Network

Access our global partner network of logistics and ancillary service providers to expand your service offerings

Shipment Tracking & Analytics

Track your bookings along their journey and stay up to date on their status

How is HashMove different from a TMS?

Beyond TMS: Bridging the Customer Gap

Efficiency is paramount in the dynamic world of logistics. Therefore, logistics service providers harness the power of Transport Management Systems (TMS) to streamline their operations and enhance visibility. However, we recognize that the needs of logistics service providers extend beyond the capabilities of a standard TMS.

While Transport Management Systems manage back-end operations, HashMove goes beyond traditional TMS, acting as a gateway to growth by providing a customer-facing platform that seamlessly integrates with your website. Our white-labeled solution allows your customers to effortlessly book and track shipments, while maintaining your brand identity.

Easily integrate new services, foster strategic alliances, and redefine your logistics future in our digitally connected ecosystem. Experience the evolution of logistics with HashMove and unlock limitless growth possibilities!

Technology Integration: Streamline Operations with Unified Data Flow

We understand that your IT investment in ERPs and TMS are of great importance to you, therefore, we have designed our platform for seamless connectivity with your existing platforms. HashMove API Cloud can help you connect to your existing platform for a seamless data flow and keep you updated with real-time data connectivity.

Notifications Alerts

Never miss an update on your shipments. HashMove offers real-time notifications and alerts across all your devices. Get notified via email, SMS, push notifications, or even stay informed through WhatsApp integration. Stay on top of your logistics with timely updates, wherever you are.

Let your customer send you bookings digitally

Search & Book Engine

Stop receiving endless emails and calls from your customers for quotes and pricing. HashMove’s Digital Platform for Freight Forwarders enables them with a dynamic and powerful tool to receive such bookings from their existing website. Simply put a ‘Book Online’ tab on your website and allow your customers to access your services digitally.

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What Makes Our Platform Unique?

Unified Platform

Our one-window solution provides a streamlined and comprehensive platform, consolidating various supply chain silos into a single platform

Real-Time Visibility & Dashboards

From booking request initiation to delivery fulfilment and invoicing, we provide a transparent and traceable view of your entire logistics process with enterprise-grade dashboards

Global Logistics

Build your Global Logistics Ecosystem with our extensive network of 900+ Global Partners routes and services at the best rates from trusted partners

Purpose Built Logistics Platform

HashMove excels as a B2B logistics platform that was built from the ground up to address pain points unique to enterprises.

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