Green Ready Logistics: Empowering Sustainable Supply Chains

At HashMove, progress and sustainability go hand-in-hand. That's why we're committed to building a future where logistics doesn't cost the Earth. Our platform optimizes your supply chain for the planet, reducing your environmental impact while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We advocate for modal and route shifts towards more sustainable transport options. By leveraging rail, sea freight, and other low-emission alternatives, we help you significantly reduce your carbon footprint, mile by mile.

Cargo Matchmaking with Load Planning

Our Load Planning algorithms are master matchmakers for cargo, pairing shipments to optimal routes and slashing empty miles. This means fewer emissions, reduced fuel costs, and a happier planet.

At HashMove, we believe that every shipment can be a step towards a greener future. By choosing our platform, you're not just optimizing your supply chain, you're joining a movement of businesses committed to delivering a more sustainable tomorrow.

Unmask your Carbon Footprint

Our platform let you unmask your carbon footprint. Go beyond transportation and uncover your hidden impact. Empower yourself with carbon insights and realize your sustainability goals.

Choose Sustainability: Offset Emissions

Our Carbon Offsetting feature offers verified projects to neutralize your impact. Track, offset, empower and lead the way to your sustainability goals!

Paper to Pixels:
Go Paperless with HashMove

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork! HashMove's digital documentation and tracking systems eliminate paper waste, streamlining your operations while protecting the environment.

Ready to make your logistics greener?

Contact us today and discover how HashMove can help you build a sustainable supply chain for the future.

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What Makes Our Platform Unique?

Unified Platform

Our one-window solution provides a streamlined and comprehensive platform, consolidating various supply chain silos into a single platform

Real-Time Visibility & Dashboards

From booking request initiation to delivery fulfilment and invoicing, we provide a transparent and traceable view of your entire logistics process with enterprise-grade dashboards

Global Logistics

Build your Global Logistics Ecosystem with our extensive network of 900+ Global Partners routes and services at the best rates from trusted partners

Purpose Built Logistics Platform

HashMove excels as a B2B logistics platform that was built from the ground up to address pain points unique to enterprises.

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