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We offer white Labelled Digital Platforms for Freight & Logistics Businesses

It usually seems challenging to anchor your freight business in the oncoming wave of digital disruption that is set to hit the ocean and air freight forwarders.

HashMove’s Digital Platform for Freight Forwarders provides the perfect solution for their business. You can immediately take advantage of increased business exposure supplemented by enhanced customer interaction on daily basis. Once sign up, we facilitate you with an immediate digital presence and capability that translates to elevated revenue and cost savings

Let your customer sends you booking digitally

Search & Booking Engine

Stop receiving endless emails and calls from your customers for quotes and pricing. HashMove’s Digital Platform for Freight Forwarders enables them with a dynamic and powerful tool to receive such bookings from their existing website. Simply put a ‘Book Online’ tab on your website and allow your customers to access your services digitally.

Give your customer the maximum flexibility

Spot or Contractual Rates Management

The platform provides freight forwarders great flexibility to manage all kinds of Spot and Contractual rates for their customers. Not only this; we further allow them to negotiate the desired rates of customers in real-time. Once the rates are provided in the system, it manages its expiry as per your business rules giving you maximum comfort of not losing your business. You can further do the following:

  • Spot Rates Management
  • Contractual Rates Management
  • Discount and Promotion Rates
  • Special Rates Management for Exclusive Customers
  • Setup Rates Expiry to avoid losses
  • Real-time Rate negotiation with Customers
No emails, No calls, No time wasting

Receive & Manage Bookings

The platform provides you with a complete management tool once you receive the bookings from your customers. Apart from the automatic reporting gets build into the system, the system further allows you to update to close coordination with your customers:

  • Shipping Schedules
  • Shipping ETD/ ETA Updates
  • CRO/ BL Details
  • Real-time chatting with customers
  • Zoom meetings with customers

Value Added Services

ELN Customers can obtain all the relevant Value-Added services at the platform as single source of services
Marine Insurance
Cross Border Trade
Quality Inspection
Ground Transportation
Heat Treated Pallets
Tracking & Monitoring
Dry / Cold Storage
Multi Modal Booking
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